Resource Pit

A Collection of Outstanding & Often Obscure Resources
For the Marketing or Public Relations Manager

This is a collection of links that you may find helpful.  Hopefully you won’t find the usual suspects listed here. We figure you can Google those yourself. If  you find this resource pit useful, please tweet, bookmark or otherwise share these with other marketing and public relations types.

Hospital Marketing & Public Relations

Hospital Marketing on — Your best resource for all things hospital marketing-related: professional societies, blogs & podcasts, networking options, books and vendor lists.

Healthcare Observances: Special Days, Weeks & Months – This lens is designed to help healthcare and hospital Public Relations and Marketing staff to make the most out of national health care observances.

Hospital Quality – Information that will help you comunicate about the topic of hospital quality. A useful starting point for hospital public relations staff.

Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Resources – This doesn’t have anything to do with hospital marketing or PR, but if you want to make friends with guys down the hall who can fix your electronics, then share this resource-packed site with them. Plus, they probally know more about what’s going on at the hospital than you do and someday you’ll be glad they’re your friends.


Manager Tools — A free podcast and Web site focusing on the practical aspects of becoming a better manager. Hosted by consultants Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne, Manager Tools is argueably the best business podcast on the Internet, having won numerous awards and consistently ranking at the top of business podcasts on sites like For a quick introduction to Manager Tools, as well as background on the hosts, jump over to the Manager Tools Fan Club.

Competitive Intelligence

Trackengine – Everyone should already be using Google Alerts. Trackengine is for when you need a bit more monitoring, but don’t have the money to spend on  sophistocated monitoring software. Read Unsolicited’s  review of this service in the post, “Expanding the Marketer’s Time through Use of Intelligent Agents.”

How to Find an Information Broker – There’s a good chance someone from The Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) can help you with that tricky research question that you’ve been struggling with. For a bit more about information research, read the post “A Secret Weapon for Developing Award-Winning Campaigns.”

Social Media

Social Media University Global – A self-study course in social media by Lee Aase of the Center for Social Media at Mayo  Clinic. – Resources to encourage enterprise-wide access to social media. Coordinated by Shel Holtz.

The New PR Wiki – A repository of relevant information about how the PR practice is changing in the light of new media.


Inbox Zero – Merlin Mann’s e-mail thing. Some of the best advice on e-mail best practices available. He’s writing a book about it, but don’t let that scare you.

Tame Your Inbox – A relatively simple technique that you can implement with your vendors and direct reports that will improve your ability to quickly and effectively process incoming e-mail.

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