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May 18

Twelve Ways Newspapers Can Reinvent Themselves

It is clear that newspapers across the country are in the midst of a crisis. Dozens have closed in the past two years, including some large, metropolitan dailies like the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Cincinnati Post and Tucson Citizen. Others have threatened to close, sought bankruptcy protection, merged, or moved to partial week …

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Mar 30

Could .TEL Spell the End of Yellow Page Advertising?

The new top level domain .tel is uniquely positioned to change the face of yellow page directory advertising. It may also have significant impact on search engine optimization and will likely better serve mobile devices than the .mobi top level domain has heretofore done. For background, the Internet has numerous “top level domains” or TLDs …

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Oct 28

Update: Calendar Marketing Approaches

In an update to our earlier post, “Getting Your Event on Your Audience’s Calendar,” will soon launch a cross-platform service that promises to put events like your company’s upcoming education seminars, your store’s upcoming sales events, your professional sports team’s game times, a golf course’s open tee times, or even relevant eBay auctions on …

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Apr 27

Getting Your Event on Your Audience’s Calendar

You’ve worked hard on designing and promoting your event. Now the challenge is making sure those hard-earned registrations actually show up. In some cases, reminder calls are appropriate, but in an age driven by electronic calendars what you really could use is an easy way to get your event onto your audience’s computer or PDA. …

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Aug 20

Online Videos are the New TV

It is quickly becoming a YouTube world. I’ve become increasingly convinced that online video has come of age and is now a medium that marketing and pubic relations professionals need to add to their tool boxes. My son and his friends are amused by the Will It Blend series of videos where all sorts of …

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