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Nov 23

Mining Networks

Information Research Through Finding & Following Subject Matter Experts  When researching a topic, Googling, using Linkedin Answers, searching Twitter, posting a tweet to your peeps, phoning contacts, or retaining an information broker are all good approaches. Another effective tool is mining Delicious bookmarks and, better yet, mining the Delicious user network. Delicious (formerly is …

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Apr 06

Correcting Your Company’s Brand Name on GPS Systems

Misspellings of brand names, mislocation of buildings on a campus, or just plain incorrect data on GPS systems can be frustrating. The two main map makers for GPS devices are Tele Atlas ( and Navteq ( Both offer ways to submit updates to their maps via their Web sites. Map Feedback for Tele Atlas …

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Oct 28

Update: Calendar Marketing Approaches

In an update to our earlier post, “Getting Your Event on Your Audience’s Calendar,” will soon launch a cross-platform service that promises to put events like your company’s upcoming education seminars, your store’s upcoming sales events, your professional sports team’s game times, a golf course’s open tee times, or even relevant eBay auctions on …

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Aug 20

Online Videos are the New TV

It is quickly becoming a YouTube world. I’ve become increasingly convinced that online video has come of age and is now a medium that marketing and pubic relations professionals need to add to their tool boxes. My son and his friends are amused by the Will It Blend series of videos where all sorts of …

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Jun 25

Understanding RSS in Under 4 Minutes

Lee LeFever of the Common Craft Show has created a short video entitled “RSS in Plain English.”If you haven’t quite figured RSS out yet, this video will explain everything in under four minutes. Lee has also created a nice video explaining Wikis.