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Dec 22

A Most Excellent Production Planning Calendar for the New Year

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take control by making your calendar a tool for proactive planning. Here’s the challenge and an excellent solution to production planning: The ChallengeWhen planning print production projects or newsletters, it’s often necessary to back into deadlines from an established delivery date. Or conversely, one has …

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Oct 24

An Outlook Trick for Filing Important E-mail Messages

Keeping copies of important e-mails that you write can be time consuming. The usual approach is to either dig these out of your sent mail. Other users might have Outlook file the reply with the original message, but this requires configuring this option and dragging the message to another folder first. Copying or blind carbon …

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Sep 12

Recent Productivity Links: E-mail, Sleep and Margin

E-mail Productivity Merlin Mann of recently spoke to Googleplex employees regarding his inbox zero concepts in a presentation posted in video, audio and iTunes podcast formats. The presentation slides are also available separately (but not a substitute for the presentation itself). Living with an empty inbox can be a significant stress reducer since the …

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May 09

Five Books on Productivity & Time Management

In speaking with principals from two agencies last week, the discussion turned to productivity and time management. Of course, as Mark Horstman has pointed out, there is no such thing as “time management.” Everyone gets 24 hours; you can’t “manage it.” What we really mean when we speak of time management is “priority management.” Nevertheless, …

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Apr 09

Apply These Rules of Thumb to Work Smarter and Leaner

Editor’s Note: The Lean Communicator Editor Liz Guthridge shares some general guidelines for working smarter and leaner. By applying these rules of thumb, you can save time while adding value and making improvements.The 80-20 rule is a terrific rule of thumb to live and work by—but it’s just one of many you should have in …

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