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May 18

Twelve Ways Newspapers Can Reinvent Themselves

It is clear that newspapers across the country are in the midst of a crisis. Dozens have closed in the past two years, including some large, metropolitan dailies like the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Cincinnati Post and Tucson Citizen. Others have threatened to close, sought bankruptcy protection, merged, or moved to partial week …

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Oct 28

Update: Calendar Marketing Approaches

In an update to our earlier post, “Getting Your Event on Your Audience’s Calendar,” will soon launch a cross-platform service that promises to put events like your company’s upcoming education seminars, your store’s upcoming sales events, your professional sports team’s game times, a golf course’s open tee times, or even relevant eBay auctions on …

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Sep 14

Good Art is Not Subjective

Jackson Pollock’s art is interesting, especially the more colorful pieces, but I’ve generally had a much harder time appreciating other abstract art. I found some rationale for my tastes (or lack thereof) in “Acquired Taste,” in article by Gene Edward Veith in World Magazine (subscriber login required for full article, Feb 9/16, 2008 issue), where …

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Apr 15

Campaigns with Impact — in Six (Easy) Steps

Good advertising or PR campaigns have impact, make sense and have an overall sense of simplicity. But nothing simple or elegant is ever really easy, as oysters will tell you about the pearl necklace. Based on my experience, the creative process flows through at least six steps, which clients generally do not understand, and which …

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Dec 31

The Obvious Next Product

P is for Product, but product development is often an overlooked element of the marketing mix, especially in small to mid-size businesses. Perhaps it’s a lack of creativity, the result of natural myopic business focus, or a function of the quality of marketing staff. Regardless, the primary, under girding principle of marketing is to meet …

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