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Apr 22

Why Graphic Artists Have a Difficult Job

In a word, clients. These videos give us a view of the world from the graphic artist’s perspective. Sorta like the animals at the zoo looking out at the funny homo sapiens with their noses pressed up against the glass. Remember, humor is funny because it is truth delivered in a well-timed fashion. Designing the …

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Jul 19

More Marketing Humor for Thursdays

In case you have a hard time getting the hang of Thursdays, here are a few links that might help: The difference between marketing, advertising and public relations fully explained Funny television commercials from around the world 10 cool, funny, or otherwise amazingly creative billboards Brand Irony as compiled by BuzzFeed Hey, kids, get mommy …

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Apr 26

Fun & Useless Tools for Marketing

Here are a few fun and mostly useless tools for marketing, perfect for a Thursday: – Put a word cloud from your favorite blog (or book) onto a T-shirt for $18. Select “custom” from the main menu to test your URL and select the colors and fonts of your choice. Rasterbator – Upload a …

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Aug 30

Hospital Marketing Humor (for Thursdays)

Here are a few items for hospital marketers to enjoy this Thursday. RYT Hospital – Dwayne Medical CenterAll the Miracles of Modern modern medicine, plus a few unexpected ones. Europeiske Reiseforsikring Travel Insurance CommercialsA whole different view of hospital quality (Original post: Hospital Marketing Journal). Doctor, We have to operate! A great hospital is a …

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