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Nov 23

Mining Networks

Information Research Through Finding & Following Subject Matter Experts  When researching a topic, Googling, using Linkedin Answers, searching Twitter, posting a tweet to your peeps, phoning contacts, or retaining an information broker are all good approaches. Another effective tool is mining Delicious bookmarks and, better yet, mining the Delicious user network. Delicious (formerly is …

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May 18

Twelve Ways Newspapers Can Reinvent Themselves

It is clear that newspapers across the country are in the midst of a crisis. Dozens have closed in the past two years, including some large, metropolitan dailies like the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Cincinnati Post and Tucson Citizen. Others have threatened to close, sought bankruptcy protection, merged, or moved to partial week …

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Apr 06

Correcting Your Company’s Brand Name on GPS Systems

Misspellings of brand names, mislocation of buildings on a campus, or just plain incorrect data on GPS systems can be frustrating. The two main map makers for GPS devices are Tele Atlas ( and Navteq ( Both offer ways to submit updates to their maps via their Web sites. Map Feedback for Tele Atlas …

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Jan 08

Three Ways to Use Seed Lists to Your Advantage

If your organization does any amount of direct mail, you should be using seed lists. A seed list is an extra set of addresses that are added to your mailing. The seed list names are added to the mailing regardless of whether they match the target criteria used to develop your list. They generally include …

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Dec 03

All Branding is Divided into Three Parts

Thousands of years ago, Julius Caesar declared that all Gaul was divided into three parts. Today, a similar observation can help put the wild territory of branding into perspective for marketing managers. In the realm of corporate identity, there are three primary branding approaches: Independent branding Endorsed branding Monolithic branding Independent Branding Independent branding an …

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