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Oct 24

An Outlook Trick for Filing Important E-mail Messages

Keeping copies of important e-mails that you write can be time consuming. The usual approach is to either dig these out of your sent mail. Other users might have Outlook file the reply with the original message, but this requires configuring this option and dragging the message to another folder first. Copying or blind carbon …

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Sep 12

Recent Productivity Links: E-mail, Sleep and Margin

E-mail Productivity Merlin Mann of recently spoke to Googleplex employees regarding his inbox zero concepts in a presentation posted in video, audio and iTunes podcast formats. The presentation slides are also available separately (but not a substitute for the presentation itself). Living with an empty inbox can be a significant stress reducer since the …

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Jul 09

Enhance Your Brand Image by Establishing E-mail Signature Standards

When your employees send e-mail, the recipients need to know: Who is sending this information What is their title or role What is the name of their company How can I contact them To provide this information in a standard and professional manner, consider establishing a company standard for signature blocks in e-mail. In Microsoft …

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