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Apr 06

Correcting Your Company’s Brand Name on GPS Systems

Misspellings of brand names, mislocation of buildings on a campus, or just plain incorrect data on GPS systems can be frustrating. The two main map makers for GPS devices are Tele Atlas ( and Navteq ( Both offer ways to submit updates to their maps via their Web sites. Map Feedback for Tele Atlas …

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May 03

Polish Your Employees’ Name Badge Presentation

Good customer service and safety standards encourage your employees wear their name badges in a clearly visible manner, but sometimes this can be a challenge. Name tags with simple pins are common in restaurant and retail businesses, but corporate organizations generally issue a name badge. Frequently these are embedded with a proximity reader, bar code, …

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Jul 09

Enhance Your Brand Image by Establishing E-mail Signature Standards

When your employees send e-mail, the recipients need to know: Who is sending this information What is their title or role What is the name of their company How can I contact them To provide this information in a standard and professional manner, consider establishing a company standard for signature blocks in e-mail. In Microsoft …

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Jan 18

A 2-Year-Old Demonstrates Brand Recognition

Two-year-old Carter Clark demonstrates just how early brand recognition develops in children. With Dad Rob’s help, he reviews the logos of 10 companies (8 major corporations and 2 local organizations) and more or less correctly identifies all but one (sorry, Old Navy). Plus, he basically understands the company’s products as they relate to his world. …

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Nov 20

Logos that Inspire & Confuse

The Random Logo ProjectArt Director Bill Green over at Make the Logo Bigger is encouraging submissions to his Random Logo Project on Flickr (see original / recent posts). His modest goal is to create the world’s largest collection of logos, which is probably more realistic than some many of my goals. Nevertheless, this Flickr group …

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