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Sep 22

Responding to Online PR Issues Requires Advance Planning

How will you respond – or will you? Every month or so, we hear of another company facing a public relations crisis. More and more often, these originate on the Internet or have a strong online component. Responding in the face of a crisis or criticism has long been a function of the public relations …

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Jan 22

New ‘Power 150’ marcom list analyzes, ranks best marketing blogs

Where to find marketing & PR blog directories Unsolicited Marketing Advice premiered this week at position #115 on Todd And’s Power 150 list of top marketing blogs. We reveled in this accomplishment for about a minute and a half before Eeyore started whispering in our ear about how long we’d be able to maintain such …

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Aug 18

Teaching Blogging: A Proposed Curriculum for Social Media

Inside PR, a weekly Canadian podcast about the public relations profession, recently discussed the topic of teaching blogging to public relations professionals in response to a comment by from Owen Lystrup, a student at California State University (IntoPR). Social media as a topic for study is just beginning to enter the educational realm, with Robert …

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