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May 18

Twelve Ways Newspapers Can Reinvent Themselves

It is clear that newspapers across the country are in the midst of a crisis. Dozens have closed in the past two years, including some large, metropolitan dailies like the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Cincinnati Post and Tucson Citizen. Others have threatened to close, sought bankruptcy protection, merged, or moved to partial week …

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Mar 30

Could .TEL Spell the End of Yellow Page Advertising?

The new top level domain .tel is uniquely positioned to change the face of yellow page directory advertising. It may also have significant impact on search engine optimization and will likely better serve mobile devices than the .mobi top level domain has heretofore done. For background, the Internet has numerous “top level domains” or TLDs …

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Apr 15

Campaigns with Impact — in Six (Easy) Steps

Good advertising or PR campaigns have impact, make sense and have an overall sense of simplicity. But nothing simple or elegant is ever really easy, as oysters will tell you about the pearl necklace. Based on my experience, the creative process flows through at least six steps, which clients generally do not understand, and which …

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Apr 04

Five Best Books about Advertising

We’re more than a little behind on our reading, so we just got around to looking up the Amazon hyperlinks for the five best books about advertising recommended by Jerry Della Femina in the Wall Street Journal (March 18, 2006, page P8). The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958 by Julian Lewis Watkins Confessions of an Advertising …

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Jan 30

Super Bowl Essentials 2007

Super Bowl XLI is almost upon us, with game time scheduled for 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 4 in South Florida. Of course, even with two great teams — the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts — many viewers will be enjoying the commercials as much or more than the game. And at $2.6 million per …

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