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Apr 22

Why Graphic Artists Have a Difficult Job

In a word, clients. These videos give us a view of the world from the graphic artist’s perspective. Sorta like the animals at the zoo looking out at the funny homo sapiens with their noses pressed up against the glass. Remember, humor is funny because it is truth delivered in a well-timed fashion. Designing the …

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Apr 16

Never Be a Client’s First Agency

There’s a popular saying among agency management that consistently rings true: “Never be a client’s first agency.” Teaching a new client how the agency process works can be an arduous task. Such things as approvals, the review process, timing, the printing process, photo resolution, economies of scale in printing, billing and so many other topics …

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Dec 23

Understanding Ad Agency Commissions

Here’s a refresher on ad agency commissions and how they’re calculated. The gist is that media like newspapers, radio and TV often provide advertising agencies a commission on the time or space they place on behalf of clients. Likewise, agencies who purchase printing or other services on behalf of their clients add a percentage as …

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Nov 27

How to be a Great Account Executive

Here are 12 tips for becoming a great AE, drawn and adapted from the archives of PRSIG: Learn to listen & take good notes Keep a to‑do list that works Learn to date your work: memos, reports, notes, etc. Learn to delegate Be enthusiastic, positive & loyal (to your agency & to your client) Share …

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