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May 18

Twelve Ways Newspapers Can Reinvent Themselves

It is clear that newspapers across the country are in the midst of a crisis. Dozens have closed in the past two years, including some large, metropolitan dailies like the Rocky Mountain News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Cincinnati Post and Tucson Citizen. Others have threatened to close, sought bankruptcy protection, merged, or moved to partial week …

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Apr 22

Why Graphic Artists Have a Difficult Job

In a word, clients. These videos give us a view of the world from the graphic artist’s perspective. Sorta like the animals at the zoo looking out at the funny homo sapiens with their noses pressed up against the glass. Remember, humor is funny because it is truth delivered in a well-timed fashion. Designing the …

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Apr 06

Correcting Your Company’s Brand Name on GPS Systems

Misspellings of brand names, mislocation of buildings on a campus, or just plain incorrect data on GPS systems can be frustrating. The two main map makers for GPS devices are Tele Atlas (www.teleatlas.com) and Navteq (www.navteq.com). Both offer ways to submit updates to their maps via their Web sites. Map Feedback for Tele Atlas http://mapinsight.teleatlas.com/ …

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Mar 30

Could .TEL Spell the End of Yellow Page Advertising?

The new top level domain .tel is uniquely positioned to change the face of yellow page directory advertising. It may also have significant impact on search engine optimization and will likely better serve mobile devices than the .mobi top level domain has heretofore done. For background, the Internet has numerous “top level domains” or TLDs …

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Nov 15

New Tools and Social Media Cause Practitioners to Sound Warnings about the Future of Public Relations

“The Future of PR” is the subject of a video compiled by the Council of PR Firms with commentary from various noteable principals and practitioners within the field. Although not a structured presentation, the video does touch on some of the major forces influencing the direction of public relations today, the majority of which are …

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