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Nov 23

Mining Del.icio.us Networks

Information Research Through Finding & Following Subject Matter Experts  When researching a topic, Googling, using Linkedin Answers, searching Twitter, posting a tweet to your peeps, phoning contacts, or retaining an information broker are all good approaches. Another effective tool is mining Delicious bookmarks and, better yet, mining the Delicious user network. Delicious (formerly Del.icio.us) is …

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Nov 16

Practicing Guerrilla PR with ‘Help a Reporter Out’

Smaller organizations and non-profits often have a challenge in communicating their story to the media. Not only do they have limited staff and budgets, but today’s pool of journalists is smaller and busier. Enter Help a Reporter Out, a way of connecting journalists working on specific projects with subject matter experts in business or academia, …

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Sep 22

Responding to Online PR Issues Requires Advance Planning

How will you respond – or will you? Every month or so, we hear of another company facing a public relations crisis. More and more often, these originate on the Internet or have a strong online component. Responding in the face of a crisis or criticism has long been a function of the public relations …

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Sep 14

Helpful Guidelines for Writing Sponsorship Announcements

Tips on Constructing Underwriting AcknowledgementsFor Public Radio & Television Sponsoring a program on public radio or TV is just one part of a public relations or marketing strategy – the other part is getting public credit for your donation. In commercial radio and television, your investment typically provides you with time for what is appropriately …

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Aug 05

The Trouble with Twitter

In jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, many communicators are forgetting communication basics. Surveying the use of Twitter by organizations shows many, if not most, are using Twitter exclusively as a one-way communication tool. A prime example of this is when an organization’s Twitter strategy is limited to tweeting its news releases. Hello, guys, this is …

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