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Unsolicited Marketing Advice provides insights and practical advice for marketing and public relations managers.

We focus on practical applications of communication theory, as well as  the use of technology in marketing and public relations.  Our posts seek to provide more in-depth analyses and insights into communication techniques than you might commonly find discussed elsewhere — stuff that,  for whatever reason, you didn’t know that you needed to know.

Warren Allan Johnson, A.P.R. is the editor of Unsolicited Marketing Advice.  He is the corporate marketing director for MidMichigan Health, a four-hospital health system in the middle of Michigan. There he develops marketing plans, coordinates advertising, oversees market research, and many other more mundane duties.  As a result, Unsolicited Marketing Advice has a special, but not exclusive emphasis on hospital marketing and public relations.

Warren Allan Johnson - Editor, Unsolicited Marketing Advice

A graduate of Syracuse University’s graduate program in public relations and an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America, he has worked in hospital marketing for more than two decades.  The window ledge in his office features a die cast Jeep Wrangler,  a radiometer and a Russian bottle of Coca-Cola. We think some of these things might be important in understanding the commentary he  provides, but it’s hard to tell which ones. View Warren’s social media footprint or public Linkedin profile.

Unsolicited Marketing Advice was named as one of the “Power 150” top english-language marketing blogs by consultant Todd Andrlik in January, 2007.  It now ranks a bit lower on the charts, but like to think we have a cult following.

Of course, this site reflects the views of the editor and other authors, and not those of their respective employers.

If you enjoy some of the unsolicited advice you’ve found here, be sure to add your comment, click the Facebook recommend button, or use the contact menu. We suppose that means we’re soliciting your feedback! Thanks for reading.

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