Feb 28

Mailers That Make an Impact

Every once in a while you come across a really cool mailing package. A colleague (who surely isn’t old enough to receive AARP literature) passed along the one pictured below. The design is simple and straightforward, and the pop-up section that you see when you open this CD mailer puts the key message point right in front of the reader.

Because I’m not yet old enough to get AARP literature at home, I study the glue and tab closures that I receive on direct mail pieces at home (my family is familiar with my quirks, so it’s no big deal). So far my favorites are those little adhesive hot dots and the pre-perforated “wafer” tab closures. Both these closure approaches help a direct mail piece have maximum impact by making opening the piece easy and clean. The effectiveness of an otherwise excellent direct mail piece can be ruined if it’s too hard to open or rips in the recipient’s hands, so it’s important to keep these finishing elements in mind as one prints and produces a mailer.

Additional Links

  • Glue Dot International – information on Glue Dots brand of direct mail adhesive, as well as hand-held and automated equipment for use by mail shops.
  • WS Packaging Group – vendor supplying perforated wafer seals
  • Pitney Bowes – perforated wafer seals for machine use

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