Jul 26

Training Staff on Associated Press Style

The Associated Press Stylebook (order online at http://www.apstylebook.com/) is the Bible for the journalist and public relations practitioner alike. Standardizing on AP style for your organization’s newsletters and other communication efforts is essential for a smooth running, professional PR department.

However, training staff to be proficient with AP style can be a bit more of a challenge. Not every staff member you hire comes with a J school background, and support staff may be more familiar with Gregg or other business styles. Assigning the Stylebook as required reading is a start, but can be as daunting as reading a dictionary. These online resources for practice and assessment may be able to help:

AP Style Quiz
Prepared by Joe Marren at Buffalo State, this interactive 15-question quiz tells you the correct answer before you move on to the next question.

Newsroom 101
A total of 65 interactive practices each consisting of 10 questions. Review practices are spaced throughout the lessons. You are given the correct answer and an explanation after making each multiple choice selection.

Test Yourself on AP Style
Developed by Journalism Professor Michael Sweeny at Utah State University, these 30 AP style questions appear on a single sheet for easy printing. Click to view the answer sheet. This quiz could be conveniently used as an assessment with job seekers.

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