Mar 02

Charette: A Short, Intense Planning Approach

Betsy del Monte describes a planning process used in the design services community in a recent issue of Building Operations Management:

Charette — the French word for cart — is used to describe any intense, on-the-spot design effort that takes place over a short period of time.

”There are different types of charettes that can be used for different phases of the design and building process…. Charettes are particularly useful when many constituencies are involved in a project because they facilitate communication and collaboration….”

Communicators may immediately see the potential value of this approach. Often a critical business issue or service line deserves a well-constructed communications plan assembled in short order. Normally, this could take weeks or months as strategists shuttle ideas back and forth to stakeholders and fit the topic into regularly scheduled team agendas.

A more intense and structured planning approach could brings together key players and hammer out a fully developed plan in a shorter time frame using the charette process. The downside, of course, the need to get all the key individuals to crash-focus on one critical business concern. Still, this architectural planning process could have interesting applications in the communication profession.

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