Oct 04

Secrets of Breakthrough PowerPoint Presentations

Boring people is not a good approach to career advancement — or to getting your point across. But you’re not the only one that’s been bored by people using PowerPoint poorly. So has Dave Paradi, the PowerPoint Lifeguard. In fact, he estimates that poor presentations waste more than $252 million worth of our time. Thankfully, Paradi enumerates the most annoying things people do with PowerPoint so you can avoid them.

On the other hand, Steve Jobs demonstrated the right approach during the recent iPod nano announcement. A review of his excellent presentation is available over at Presentation Zen (“Visual simplicity: Steve Jobs does it again“), or view the full event at Apple.com (Quicktime required). He demonstrates some key principals to audiovisual use, namely:

  • Simplicity, simplicity, simplicty
  • No more than six words per slide
  • Create emotions through the use of images
  • Use images to enhance storytelling
  • Don’t use text on the screen as an excuse for speaking notes

Additional Resources

Apply these principles and by Thursday your presentations will be significantly more impactful and memorable.

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