Sep 22

Self-Assessment & Benchmarking for Hospital Marketers (on Thursdays)

Are we doing the things we should be doing, or overlooking some things we ought to be doing because we’re just so busy doing the things that are urgently in need of doing that we don’t have time to acomplish what is really important that we could, should or ought to be doing?

Thursdays are a great day to step back and do a self-assessment. It may be because it’s the first day of the week that starts with a consonant digraph, or more specifically, a voiceless interdental fricative. Or perhaps it’s just because few people schedule afternoon meetings on Thursdays.

For hospital marketers, Abe Kasbo recently published an article in HealthLeaders entitled “10 Ideas to Effectively Market and Brand Your Hospital.” His points cover audiences, strategic perspective and vital, but sometimes overlooked tactics.

Meanwhile, a sophisticated but easy-to-use tool called the “Best Practices Audit” is available by request from Rynne-Buckley. This self-scoring tool allows health care communicators to benchmark themselves across several key areas:

  • Market research
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing communications

The latter point encompasses activities that are best practices for media relations, PR, advertising, e-marketing and sales efforts. The overall results are something that could be shared with administration in a formal fashion… as long as your total points don’t fall in the “get in the game” or “whoops” categories.

Finally, for those that prefer a stream of consciousness approach, Bill Stiles of adcuity.com offers “66 Ideas to Animate & Invigorate Your Marketing & Promotion” (49K PDF, free download) with tips that both hospital and non-hospital communicators will enjoy.

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